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  • 2017

    Becoming The Mother Of A Teen

    I am NOT, in fact, the mother of a teen. Not yet anyway. But that doesn't mean I haven't gotten the t-shirt splattered with all the angst and drama that dominates being the mother of a teen. On the contrary kind readers, I am deep into it full force with said non-teen of only 12 years, 9 months and...


    Pay Now Play Later – Dem Bones

    Did you know that women will have accrued all their bone mass by around age 30? That means osteoporosis prevention should start at the big three-o, before you start losing it. Additionally, the more bone you enter your third decade with, the less likely you'll be to experience a broken bone or get o...


    The PR-Less Trainer Womans Up

    I was loading up the olympic bar to get ready for hip thrusts this morning, and really hadn’t planned this workout to be anything spectacular. In fact, I had been dreading it because some days I need an actual rest interval to recover from just the set up. Today felt like one of those days.


    The Shoulder Impingement Epiphany

    I can’t believe how LONG I have been dealing with my shoulder injury. Correction. DEALT with my shoulder injury.  It’s amazing to me how information floats around out there, nebulously drifting from place to place. What is it that causes it to finally land in your lap despite your desper...