Personal Training

If you are lucky enough to reside in or near beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, then I would love to be your certified personal trainer and train with you in person! The cornerstone of fitness is nutrition – it’s 80% you know, BUT you have to have your training in order if you want to change your body shape and carve a beautiful, lean physique. My local training programs provide just that. Customized exercise and nutritional coaching = magic with some patience and consistency on your part!

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Programs to Get Your Mojo Back!
Jump Start
A concentrated 1 month program for a solid start toward your goals.

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Intensive 3 month program built for serious goal achievement.

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Ultra comprehensive 6 month program to exceed your goals through complete lifestyle transition.

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One low price
per session
$684 total
per session
$1,908 total
per session
$3,600 total
60-minute training sessions
(3/week for 4 weeks)
(3/week for 12 weeks)
(3/week for 24 weeks)
Overall health and wellness assessment
Long-term and short-term goal setting
Discussion and strategies around your biggest challenges and obstacles to getting healthy
Customized, progressive workout plan
Individually planned nutrition strategy
Email support as needed
Payment plan available
Grocery shopping tour
Gym-based training

And, If That's Not Enough

Sometimes you’ll need more from me than just the workouts. A huge portion of your success in the gym is tied to what you put into your mouth. Because you’ll spend about 2% of your weekly time with me and about 98% of your time on your own, you may need more reinforcement with your nutrition than I can provide you between sets.

Grocery Store Tour

Trudging down the aisles of your favorite supermarket can be a confusing excursion when juggling the latest health food fads of the day with simply trying to get the job done; especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Let’s take some time together and let me help you simplify the process so you can shop with confidence.

  • 90-minute personal tour of the grocery store where you shop
  • Detailed information about labels and how to find the best healthy value for your money
  • Personalized grocery list compiled at the store and emailed post-tour
  • Additional links and resources for future trips

Only $100

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Pantry Makeover

This session will be judgment and shame free! Nothing will be thrown out, but you’ll complete this process with a better understanding of why some of your choices eventually should be replaced.

  • 60-minute personal assessment of the foods in your kitchen in-home or via Skype
  • Comprehensive Nutrition and label reading guidance
  • Details on why foods are preferred or not, along with helpful handouts
  • Customized grocery list for replacement items emailed post-makeover

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Email Subscription

Maybe you’re a current client ready to take your customized program solo, or someone who’s looking for solid accountability while you execute your own program. In either case, I can provide the level of accountability to ensure you meet your full potential.

  • Once/week check-ins with detailed, thoughtful responses
  • Specific answers to your questions
  • Links to helpful articles and resources
  • Personal accountability
  • Progress assessments

Only $100/month

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