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Back to basics

Are you tired of starting over? Frustrated by the all-or-nothing fads that aren’t attainable OR sustainable? Not everyone can change everything all at once. Most people are able to get themselves out on the trails or into the gym, but true fitness is a harmonious synergy between exercise and good nutrition. I know for me eating healthy was the hardest part. In fact, it took me 10 YEARS of stops and starts to finally embrace a healthy diet and get the results I was after.

I’m here to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you, and I’ve designed an affordable new online fitness training program from the ground-up to simplify the process and help you embrace new habits at a manageable pace. And even if you need to take more time, the tools you’ll amass during these 6 weeks will provide you with a blueprint to customize a strategy for your specific needs.

Back-to-Basics Bootcamp online fitness training program from Cassye Delphy of 43fitness

*Please be sure you are gifting this program to someone who has ASKED for it. Unsolicited fitness gifts can sometimes backfire, placing your giftee at risk for hurt feelings and you at risk for serious bodily harm. And I assure you, my friend. Nobody wants that. When purchasing, you will have the opportunity to add email, message, and send date for your giftee after checkout

B3 is a stage-based health and wellness online fitness training program designed to broker your lifestyle transition one decision at a time. Get your food and exercise right and the rest will take care of itself. Take a peek at this short introduction video where I explain how we do this and why it’s so different from other programs you may have tried in the past.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn the hows, whens and whys of eating and training from a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Already have a trainer? This online fitness training program is the perfect companion to your sessions in the gym because there is usually so little time between sets to fill in the multitude of gaps surrounding eating and general nutrition. Below are the topics I discuss each week.

WEEK 1 Breakfast

WEEK 2 Macros

WEEK 3 Training

Watch week 4 video for free!
WEEK 5 Drinks & Condiments

WEEK 6 Summary & Blueprint

Back-to-Basics Bootcamp online fitness training progression chart

What You'll Get

  • Weekly videos straight from my kitchen and gym
  • Step-by-step guidance for creating meals
  • A list of suggested foods
  • Research-bases articles and resources
  • Private community page exclusively for B3 participants
  • Engage with others on the same path for ideas and support
  • A hub for my answers to your questions and relevant links and documents
  • Unlimited email support
  • Online workout program for home and gym (delivered via my app)
  • Customized personal Blueprint
  • Discounted private coaching package for all B3 Grads

Who It's For

  • Those who are new to the idea of exercise and proper nutrition
  • Those who have some idea (and even tried to make some changes on their own) but ultimately found it overwhelming
  • Those who have been there, done that TOO many times, landed back at square one, and are ready to invest in what really works
  • Those who have been there, done that (and even got some results) but need a kickstart to boost their motivation

What It's Not

  • A detox, cleanse or calorie restrictive diet
  • A sales pitch for supplements or other fitness products
  • A quick fix or magic bullet

What Clients are Saying

Testimonial from Amber in Colorado

Amber in Colorado

First, the is a tremendous value! I felt like I got my money’s worth in the first week. The food list is so amazingly simple! Read more

I mentioned before that I have been interested in Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program. I haven’t done the program yet because the food was confusing and when I did try to follow her plan I was not ever feeling full. Your food list is, as I said, amazingly simple and seems to allow for greater variety even though it is essentially the same as JELF. It’s presented in a way that I finally get it! And, since I’ve been using your food list, my clothes are getting looser, so I know it works 🙂

I am learning tons! And I feel that I am now able to instill healthy eating habits in my children, which is really priceless, because as Ann Wigmore said, "The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." My littles remind me everyday that they are watching me and imitating me. What better gift to give them than health and fitness. Thank you so much! I have learned so much and plan on revisiting the videos often. Read less

Christine testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Christine in Michigan

So far, I love this bootcamp. The things I love about it are the topics you cover. They are the ones most everyone has challenges with. It’s also great that you provide information about what you do; the meals you eat, the workouts you do. The videos are great. I think the practical, everyday tips you provide are helpful.

Teresa testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Teresa in New York

I have really appreciated all of the information and personal experiences you have shared. I can tell you that I rewatch your videos often for inspiration, and my favorite thus far is "Last Call for Alcohol" – so real, so honest, and it really struck a chord with me. I look forward to working with you again in the future as I build up and solidify my nutrition and exercise program. Thank you so much!

Justine testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Justine in Texas

I think B3 is a great program and it’s laid out very simply and easy, with focusing on adopting one new habit each week. It’s a very realistic, supportive program that fosters good communication and positive reinforcement through the private FB forum. I now have the tools I need to be successful at this. I look forward to revisiting these weekly assignments, and re-watching your videos and seeing myself moving in the right direction! Thanks for everything...including being there for me when I had a meltdown!.

Brenda testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Brenda in Washington

I loved the overall concept of crating new habits slowly. The support that we have online was great. The Facebook page, not only from yourself but from the other users – their support and knowledge has been the most valuable part to me.

Joell testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Joell in North Dakota

I think then program is going great. I like the accountability of the group and reading about changes that people are making is awesome. The videos you made Cassye will be great tools to look back on after we are done.

Tamara testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Tamara in Colorado

I found the program very affordable and easy to access. I learned so much and Cassye was very supportive and attentive to questions being answered and the added bonus of being able to meet with her at the gym in person! I found that her making us all be accountable was extremely helpful! My husband and I have recommended this to my cousin and will definitely do so to others.

Barbie testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Barbie in South Carolina

Cassye’s Boot Camp is ideal for anyone at any stage of fitness. It is tailored to each participant’s individual needs and yet universal to all who seek to improve their level of fitness. Through the combination of online posts, videos and motivational emails along with the opportunity for personalized recommendations, Cassye blends the benefits of group motivation and personal training to produce an incredible program that can help anyone reach their goals.

Tiffany testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Tiffany in Georgia

I am learning that the struggle will never really “go away”. You just get better at managing it all. So, that is my focus…better management & moderation. I VERY MUCH like your approach of moderation and giving us the power to pick which goals we want to incorporate now or later. I like that it is not all or nothing. Actually, that is what made me want to try it (and the price! :).

Meghan testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Meghan in Finland

I found the course to be really informative, positive, and motivating. I like how Cassye considers different lifestyles and abilities and allows for you to be human and adds some flexibility. These factors are all important to help you to be able to form these life-changing habits--this isn't a short term fix, it is a long term, permanent goal to take better care of yourself. The week-by-week incremental changes make the whole process a lot less daunting. yay!

Aspen and Tyler testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Aspen & Tyler in Colorado

Tyler and I enjoyed the program for several reasons. Firstly, the idea of making 1 change a week rather than trying to change your lifestyle over night. We like that your program offers a life style change rather than a diet. We can work within a framework and get better over time. The focus was on improvement rather than end result. Overall, it got us more focused and taking about the changes we can make and get to our goals.

Jill testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Jill in Colorado

Fantastic and not overwhelming. Life changing and practical ideas. You are the best!!!