Last Push – Epic NEW Conditioning Workout

By Cassye 9

treadmill outsideBefore we get started here, I want to let you know this post will be about the treadmill.  I know, I know, I HATE the treadmill and have pontificated vehemently against it in the past.  If you hate it too, and just can’t force yourself to read on about how much I embraced running today, I totally get it.  I really really do.  But allow me to explain first.  Along with the sprawl, which has evolved out of the original Carb Cycling Experiment, has come an even crazier drive to progress.  This yearning has been fanned of course by the impending wrap up date for my experiment on 1/25/13, this coming Friday.  When you see the clock moving, there is a powerful sense of urgency to wring every last drop of productivity out of each remaining minute.

So here I was on a machine I’ve widely snubbed and complained about for several months now.  I felt sort of guilty for standing on it, like a wayward ex-girlfriend trying to weasel back into the relationship.  I’m trusting Jamie’s program to help me eek out that last push in this experiment, and was willing to try something new in order to do that, even if it meant revisiting old training trysts (believe it or not, I actually used to LOVE this contraption).

The Arena

Part of her program is sprints on the treadmill.  In the past, I’ve talked about running intervals at home, on my lovely cul-de-sac.  I enjoy doing this because being outside is simply different, and who doesn’t want to take in fresh, crisp, mountain-y air once in a while?  The only problem with sprinting outdoors for me is accountability.  Those sweet little chirping birds and dutiful dog-walkers have no intention of whipping my butt into overdrive when I’m capable, and I KNOW I won’t be doing it.  I’ve also noticed the slack-factor creeping in a bit on my Finishers as well, so having a machine to do the work is motivating.   Not to mention the lack of desire on my part to tumble into a crumpled pile at the base of the whirling conveyor belt.

holdingontotreadmillNow back to the main topic, the actual workout.  It’s simple really.  1 minute sprinting and 1 minute resting, back and forth until 20 minutes are completed.  I began at a modest pace since I hadn’t run in so long, but quickly surprised myself and upped the MPH after each rest period.  How do you go from resting to full-out running and vice versa on a treadmill?  You set the machine into manual mode and find a comfortable challenging pace.  To rest, you keep the belt rolling at your sprinting speed then hold onto the handles and jump a little to get yourself off and straddle the belt.  Let go, but keep a solid stance with a foot firmly planted on either side platform while you rest.  When it’s time to get back on, hold on again and CAREFULLY place your dominant foot onto the belt, then quickly step on with your other foot, still holding on until you can regain your pace.  Then let go!  This is the time I would increase the speed if my recovery during the rest was too easy.

I’m not sure if I ran long enough, but think I felt some endorphins kick in this morning.  It was exhilarating to run all-out, knowing I’d have a good break to save me.  Before I knew it, the time was up, and I felt incredible.  The awesome new music on my iPod, which is super inspiring for me, really helped me crank it into high gear at the end.  Yep!  Definitely digging it!  Will I still feel this way for tomorrow’s session (and the 2 days after that)?  I don’t know, but I’m already getting excited just thinking about it!

Any fun new things you’re trying these days?  Go ahead, spill!

Our Life In 3D

Treadmills were literally The Answer To My Prayers ~ when you make it a game and just ry to beat yesterday in distance, length or calories burned. Have fun although the way you are doing it sounds dangerous. I amp it down to a comfortable walk and then a few secondsbefore my rest is over I amp it back up to my target speed so I can ‘rolling start’. You must be an Extreme dreadmill’er! 🙂


I agree about the mental-ness of it, I guess today I was just into it. Hope it continues! You know I live for danger, Andy! Plus it’s too dang hard to keep getting the wonky, half/working arrow keys to go up and down so many levels 20 times, man! Looking forward to reading your Prayers post ; )


Loving how your mind is changing towards carb cycling and cardio that you once said YUK to me when I mentioned:-)) experementing is the way !! I am doing something similar nowadays but I do ten minutes on the tredmill (1 min sprint then 1 min rest), then jump on the rower and do the same thing for ten minutes. Like the change in body motion.Gives me an awesome pump and sweat and my cardio is done for the day.
Keep enjoying 😀


Thank you for understanding Sam. I know I’m annoying because I’m such a ping pong ball! Back and forth and all over the place! I have to say I don’t LIKE the carb cycling, but I think it’s working. Now I will say that I DO like the intervals on the treadmill (for now) which I was stunned by! Goes to show you just never know. So glad you’re still working hard as always. Thank you so much for your commments and for dealing with me!


Your completely normal and not annoying !! Constant improvements is what we try to do in life. Were getting there :-))

Colin DeWaay

HIIT on the treadmill is the only way to go! Glad you discovered it. Steady state makes me want to blow my brains out but the sprinting intervals actually makes it fun. I’m going to be starting to do much much more of that type of work now that I’m starting my cut. I just tried German Volume Training for the first time, wow was that amazing(ly difficult.)


Interesting – saw your post on that but need to READ it : )

Colin DeWaay

Thanks for the inspiration today, just had to go do some HIIT after work!!!


Sure Colin, just giving back for all the inspiration you’ve given ME!

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