Just Enough – My Take On Fitness Maintenance

By Cassye 7

Hi Everybody,

I hope this post finds you well, and still deeply invested in your healthy lifestyle. It’s been a VERY long time since I published a post about what’s going on with me personally. Over the past year I’ve felt pressure (from mainly myself) to angle my posts at informing and promoting. That’s all well and good, and helps build awareness for me and my brand, but to tell you the truth, there’s not much heart in it.

Every blogger will eventually express the feeling that they’ve told you everything. At one time or another we all feel bereft of meaningful content, and I’ve been in that place for some time simply because my schedule and goals have changed. I’m no longer documenting my personal journey as a transformee, and with the avalanche of daily information being pumped into the fitness universe, I don’t feel like shouldering my way through the ever-growing crowd just to parrot the same info with my spin on it. I’ve already reached my personal mountain top, and I got that t-shirt a loooong time ago.

So my current story isn’t so sexy anymore. In fact, I’m a little bit ashamed to admit how SELDOM I am training. The fact of the matter is that I’m a busy personal trainer and mom who works out very little. The combination of goals realized and, paired with some significant joint issues that arrived this past summer has left me a little out of sorts personally. The big thing I’m trying to figure out is how to inspire others by maintaining a reduced level of what I’ve got in terms of physique, while doing all I can to avoid pain and injury. If I’m not always striving and reaching in the gym, then honestly what is there to talk about?

I could talk about how getting older sucks, and that you have to really stay disciplined because burnout WILL, at some point, come knocking on your door. I could talk about how you should watch any medications you take because some of the side effects may seem crazy, but they’re real. I’ll leave that little tidbit for the next post because frankly it’s really demotivating to talk about.

But in the spirit of positivity, which I always try to present in this privileged space, I feel like there is a story to fitness maintenance. Keeping a decent amount of body fat off you for over 3 years is indeed an accomplishment. I want to be clear that it’s not the kind of maintenance from my final round of progress pics back in 2013. THAT was the pinnacle, and I’ll likely never reach that level again for a couple of reasons. 1) lack of desire 2) lack of ability 3) lack of time.


Don't write this one off - 14g protein

Don’t write this one off – 14g protein

What I’m doing now is frankly just enough. Just enough clean eating, just enough strength training, and just enough positive reinforcement to keep me in a good mindset.

It’s true. I don’t eat as cleanly as I used to. It’s actually kind of cool because with some trial and error I’ve realized that I have a little more leeway than I was giving myself in the food dept. For me it’s more like 70% instead of 80%.

In terms of workouts, I go in stages. Some weeks I’m feeling good and have the motivation to get in the gym for a full-body workout about twice a week. Some days I am sore and weak and it’s exhausting, so I just skip it. My current goals for training are to maintain good strength with push ups, pull ups and hip thrusts. I can still pull off 1-2 few unassisted pull ups on my good days, and that makes me feel terrific, even though at the height of my training I was busting out 3 sets of 8. I am hip thrusting about 100lb vs. about 245lb in my heyday.

With mindset, it’s all about my clients, and how my life has come 360 now because it is THEM motivating ME. And THAT is a very cool thing.Screenshot_2015-11-11-08-34-18-1

So on this lovely Monday, in the middle of autumn, I am a changed woman. I’m not who I was at 43 when this whole thing started, but an ever-evolving version of who my life makes me. It’s a little uncomfortable to admit that on the cusp of my 47th year, my fitness is not entirely within my control. It’s exactly opposite of what I’ve always preached, because most people actually DO have more control than they realize.

However, this bit of chaos has allowed me the unexpected gift of empathy and understanding for those who are in a similar situation. If I’ve learned nothing else in my journey as a fitness professional, it’s relatability that is the true measure of inspiration. And I’ve got the market cornered on that one now.

So enough about me. What’s new with you? How have you been? Tell me your stories!


Thanks for the candid post Cassye! So you are human after all, like the rest of us? I think its all about adapting to our new stages and reestablishing the standards we each can live with. My joints gave up many years ago so I try to work around them as well as focus on anything I can do to supplement their shortcomings. I still have the mentality on ‘Maintenance’ of making sure I am moving forward on my workouts and not just ‘maintaining’. Right? Cause if we ain’t moving forward we are certainly moving back. Diet? Well maybe not so much 🙂 . And this is a lot longer than I intended.. Happy Thanksgiving Cassye! You are still a role model of what can be achieved if we focus.


Yay Andy! So great to hear from you, my friend. I am thankful for your perspective on the joint issues. Will you be my mentor? I have ice cream!
This whole adapting and reestablishing thing was NOT in the 4th decade manual. I demand a refund! So 2016 will be a year of change for me, and I’m glad to know I won’t be alone in my journey. I agree that the upgraded maintenance philosophy is a good one and it will be my goal to try and keep with that for sure. Hope you had an awesome Turkey day and subsequent Christmas with your darling family. Cheers to us both in the new year!!!


Gah!! I just left a long comment and it didn’t go through. I’ll be back……


Thanks for your candor in this post, Cassye. I have been there with blogging too. Coming up with quality content and not just posting for the sake of posting is tricky. I have posted just to get something out and it doesn’t feel right.
As for your fitness journey, at least you have met your goals. I still feel I am not content with my progress. I’ve plateaued. The good news is I have hired a trainer and she has me on a challenging program and solid eating plan. Because I’m 43, I do worry about injury. I’m not 20 by a long stretch so I’m constantly doing restorative work, such as Yoga and rotator cuff moves.
Good luck with your maintenance.


Hey Charlotte, so sorry for the late response. Curses to WordPress!!! Anyway, I really appreciate your feedback regarding the blogging part. Feeling has a lot to do with it for me also, and if it’s wonky then I think that comes across to the readers. As for the fitness, I had not realized what a luxury it is to depend on your body feeling good at least most days. I feel like 46 was the year I got old. However, with some upped med dosage I’m feeling more like myself. I too need to work on some restorative elements. There’s always 2016 to get that kicked off no? 😉


You’re a true inspiration, Coach. You might not think you have the rockin’ body you once did, but the model you present to the world is a much better version – a real one! You’re able to have your cake, and eat it too while sharing your knowledge with those of us who have no idea how to even get to the ‘maintenance’ phase. We’re all struggling together. Just know that even when you don’t feel so hot in your own skin, you’re still an inspiration and one I aspire to get to – a wonderful coach, a great mom, a good friend, and a women who values her health. ‘Nuff said 🙂


So I apologize for just now responding to this comment, WordPress is a bit jacked as of late. In any case, Sarah, thank you so much for chiming in here! We all have our struggles and it’s nice to get a view from another lens within someone else’s perspective. You are just as inspirational to me because you do the work. You do the work and you never let up. It’s such a privilege to call you a friend and a client.

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