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  • 2015

    A New Twist On Holiday Prehab

    At this point I feel like there is plenty of information out there, and by now you get that it's gonna be a tough quarter. And Halloween is just the beginning, right? But the thing is, even though it may SEEM like the last few months of the year are the hardest to stay on track, the truth is we live...


    One Of The Best Moves For Hamstrings – With Video

    If you know me at all by now, you understand that I advocate highly for compound moves in my weight training programs. That is because compound lifts (using large, multiple muscle groups) is the most effective way to train most body parts. Not only are you building and enhancing stability and mobili...


    The PR-Less Trainer Womans Up

    I was loading up the olympic bar to get ready for hip thrusts this morning, and really hadn’t planned this workout to be anything spectacular. In fact, I had been dreading it because some days I need an actual rest interval to recover from just the set up. Today felt like one of those days.


    Holiday Prehab

    This time last year I came to you with a confessional. You may remember that the wicket gets mighty sticky around here as October envelops our normal day-to-day with trick-or-treat temptations and fall food fabulosities. Even a trainer and coach like me can STILL give into acts of sheer stupidity fo...