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  • 2016

    Moving Mountains! – Wendi’s Success Story

    My new belief is that physical fitness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. By making myself a higher priority, my life has not only been transformed by physical wellness, but I have busted through myths of things I thought were out of reach. As I’ve become more physically fit, I’m leading hikes again...


    Sandy’s Success Story

    I think you’ll be inspired by this impressive career woman who is not only a detox survivor, but a detox thriver despite a very rough year for she and her family!  She’s got more energy than most 40-year olds I know, and it’s all thanks to her great lifestyle.  I’ve been fort...


    Sally Is Down 2 Sizes!

    We’ve been following Sally since April, and she’s still going strong!  When we last left her, this indomitable 48-year old mom was seeing some fantastic changes (progress is a HUGE motivator guys) and forging ahead with gusto!  At this point she’s lost 2 sizes, got some IMPRESSIVE ...


    Sally’s (Still) Going All The Way

    I was so excited to get a progress report from Sally, the 48-year old mid-transformation mom whom I introduced you to back in April.  All I can say in looking at her befores in April is WOW!  She’s seeing some significant changes, and NOT focusing on the scale, which I know will motivate her s...