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  • 2016

    Moving Mountains! – Wendi’s Success Story

    My new belief is that physical fitness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. By making myself a higher priority, my life has not only been transformed by physical wellness, but I have busted through myths of things I thought were out of reach. As I’ve become more physically fit, I’m leading hikes again...


    Sandy’s Success Story

    I think you’ll be inspired by this impressive career woman who is not only a detox survivor, but a detox thriver despite a very rough year for she and her family!  She’s got more energy than most 40-year olds I know, and it’s all thanks to her great lifestyle.  I’ve been fort...


    Sally Is Down 2 Sizes!

    We’ve been following Sally since April, and she’s still going strong!  When we last left her, this indomitable 48-year old mom was seeing some fantastic changes (progress is a HUGE motivator guys) and forging ahead with gusto!  At this point she’s lost 2 sizes, got some IMPRESSIVE ...


    Sally’s (Still) Going All The Way

    I was so excited to get a progress report from Sally, the 48-year old mid-transformation mom whom I introduced you to back in April.  All I can say in looking at her befores in April is WOW!  She’s seeing some significant changes, and NOT focusing on the scale, which I know will motivate her s...


    Sally’s Going All The Way (48)

    As you may have seen on my Sharing page, I’m always looking for stories from each of your personal books.  Be they celebrations of final goals achieved or updates on your latest progress, I want them.  I think we all do, to reaffirm our own devotion to this lifestyle and encourage those who ar...