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  • 2015

    6 Easy Meals With The Tuna Toss

    The Tuna Toss is an iconic clean eating recipe I took from an old article in Oxygen magazine. I can't find the original recipe now or remember what it was called, but I wanted to pass along this wonderfully quick lunch or anytime meal that you can build on with this amazing protein source and just a...


    Grammy’s Spicy Salad

    You all know I use the term recipe very loosely.  In my case it’s more like gathering stuff I have on hand together and legitimizing it by creating a name for it.  Well, I wanted to introduce you to a little bit of a new concept (to me anyway) in salad making, based on this gathering theme. Me...


    Mom’s Beef Stew

    Decided to repost this one since it marks the official entry into the cold season.  I also changed it up just a tad to cleanify it even more! This time of year I love to make my mom’s delicious old fashioned stew recipe!  We served it up for some friends last night, and it was delicious; espec...


    Allison’s Berry Licious Jell-O Mold

    This post is WAY overdue, and I apologize because I intended to publish it around the 4th of July, when my family and I were fortunate enough to partake of this dessert lovely. However it IS still summer, despite all the back-to-school ads, and this refreshing and pretty dang clean treat is as summe...