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  • 2014

    The Big M – Guest Post By Garagegym107

    Meet Michelle Simpson of Garagegym107:  Certified Trainer, Body-for-Life Champion and all around tough chick.  I met this beautiful role model through the ever-generous blogosphere, and feel so blessed to call her my friend. Not only does she have 12 YEARS of the clean living lifestyle under her bel...


    Time To Get Legit

    If you are a parent, then you may have heard of Dr. William Sears.  Dr. Sears is a renowned pediatrician and author, penning more than 30 books on childcare over the course of his illustrious career.  He’s a baby whisperer in my book based on his theory of Attachment Parenting, but all of his...


    The Detox Bootcamp Starts January 6!

    Welp, I’m jumping outta my comfort zone and pursuing my life’s work in a new fashion for 2014.  This 30 day bootcamp (code for acknowledging the need for and participation in REALLY clean eating) will be a first for me, and will not only fulfill my desire to help others, but push me even...


    43 Is The New 26!

    You know how sometimes the light bulb just zaps on out of the blue?  Well, that happened for me today as I was scrolling through the 43fitness facebook page photos in search of who knows what by this point because I was totally taken aback by the serendipitous cataloging of 2 specific snapshots in t...


    One Year In The Blogosphere

    I’m a woman of integrity and always strive to give credit where credit is due.  September is a big month for me because it marks the 1st anniversary of the birth of this website, and all that has come along with it.  But I wasn’t alone in making it happen.  There are many whose contribut...