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  • 2014

    The PR-Less Trainer Womans Up

    I was loading up the olympic bar to get ready for hip thrusts this morning, and really hadn’t planned this workout to be anything spectacular. In fact, I had been dreading it because some days I need an actual rest interval to recover from just the set up. Today felt like one of those days.


    Transformversary YEAR 2 – Postcards From The AFTERlife

    It's pretty hard to believe that it's been only two years, because it feels like a lifetime ago that I completed my transformation. And if you know me at all by now you know that it's NEVER really completed. But I had to draw a line in the sand somewhere to declare that I'd reached my first set of g...


    There Is No I In Mom

    You’ve probably gathered by now that motherhood is a team sport.  It doesn’t emphasize the individual and focuses primarily on the good of the group.  And self-care of the coach is NOT an element built into the program. Even if there were a little check box for it, I believe it would be...