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    • One Of The Best Moves For Hamstrings – With Video

      If you know me at all by now, you understand that I advocate highly for compound moves in my weight training programs. That is because compound lifts (using large, multiple muscle groups) is the most effective way to train most body parts. Not only are you building and enhancing stability and mobili...
    • Eggcellent Clean Eating Salad

      With Peter Cottontail on his way you may have a surplus on your hands of one of THE best protein sources on the planet – hard-boiled EGGS! Don’t let them go to waste with this simple, healthy recipe.
    • What’s happening with our beloved Triscuits

      If you’re a longtime reader or client, then you have probably heard about one of my favorite carb options – Reduced Fat Triscuits. If you are a new reader, then you can clearly see that I am a fan of sane solutions to clean eating. I love these crunchy crackers because they have just 3 i...
    • The Program That Got Me Here

      Sometimes seeing the forest can be tough with all the trees in the way, and I realized that just today about my transformation journey, and effectively how I got to where I am today.
    • One More Time With Feeling – Proof That Diet Is 80%

      What my mother says about time rushing by you in the blink of an eye is accurate. And for me it’s been even more true since last year when I transitioned 43fitness from the blogosphere into the commercephere. Running a family, a business and a personal fitness regimen is exhausting and I...