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    • A New Twist On Holiday Prehab

      At this point I feel like there is plenty of information out there, and by now you get that it's gonna be a tough quarter. And Halloween is just the beginning, right? But the thing is, even though it may SEEM like the last few months of the year are the hardest to stay on track, the truth is we live...
    • A Girl Walks Into A Gym…

      Ever have one of those sinking moments of buyer's remorse when you've bought something totally decent that really seemed great in the moment, but realize later that it's not entirely what you wanted after all? You feel too guilty to say anything about it because it ticked all the boxes during the pr...
    • Join The 80% Who Stick With It This Time

      There is so much information out there, you can drown just dipping your toe into it. Low carb, no carb, low fat, raw, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, clean, IIFYM, anti-inflammatory. No sugar, no processed foods, no bread, no alcohol and no night shades...wait, what?!? It's no wonder Americans are s...
    • Costco Was Made For Clean Eating

      About 1 year ago I was watching our local PBS channel and stumbled across a documentary on Costco. Having such a small family, I hadn't ventured far into the warehouse shopping experience. At least not with a basket. It wasn't until I learned about their philosophy on quality products and focus on e...
    • Estrogen Dominance Part 2

      Boy am I glad I didn't post this last week. If I had, this is what you would've read: When I last left you at the close of Estrogen Dominance Part 1, I was in the beginning stages of symptom improvement based on my use of natural progesterone cream. I hadn't planned to report in again on this subjec...
    • Supplements I’m Taking Now

      Over the years I've been up and down and back and forth with supplements. At the end of the day, though, I've come to realize that I require very few to get the results I need to 1) support my lifting efforts and 2) provide general health benefits that I hope will help keep me spunky in the nursing...
    • 6 Easy Meals With The Tuna Toss

      The Tuna Toss is an iconic clean eating recipe I took from an old article in Oxygen magazine. I can't find the original recipe now or remember what it was called, but I wanted to pass along this wonderfully quick lunch or anytime meal that you can build on with this amazing protein source and just a...
    • Estrogen Dominance Part 1

      When a female turns the corner from youth and lands smack dab in the middle of middle age, many things can happen, and are even expected. Things like night sweats, weight gain, mood swings (the big kind where you lose your stomach in mid-air), beautiful, chin-reshaping cystic acne and fatigue, to na...