Affiliate Disclosure

Partners, products, and services


I have pet products/services, and sometimes I will talk about them in my posts, via social media or link to them in ads displayed on this site. Rest assured that these are products I have:

  • created or designed myself
  • personally use and/or market as a representative
  • believe in so whole-heartedly that I am willing to put my name and reputation behind them



I want you to know that a few product lines will pay me a commission if you ultimately make a purchase after clicking on a link to them or buying them directly from me. These commissions help me keep all of the information on this site of high quality and most of it free of charge.


You can trust that I will never promote a product or service that I don’t personally endorse and have experience with. And you can always bet that I will promote whatever I think is beneficial, whether I get paid to do so or not.