Sally’s Going All The Way (48)

sallyheadshotAs you may have seen on my Sharing page, I’m always looking for stories from each of your personal books.  Be they celebrations of final goals achieved or updates on your latest progress, I want them.  I think we all do, to reaffirm our own devotion to this lifestyle and encourage those who are just starting the journey or may be right in the thick of it.  Because as we all know, even a complete transformation is just the beginning.

sally and daugterI’d like you to meet our newest transformee in the making, Sally.  I am so inspired by her determination.  Although we’ve never met, I can feel her passion emanating from her like she’s standing right next to me.  And she’s passed that enthusiasm on to her daughter, who will be partnering with her at the gym.

I am so excited for the second go at her 12-week program.  She’s already made some great strides in the first 12 weeks, losing 8 POUNDS OF FAT and dropping 2 PANT SIZES.   I can’t wait to see which Athleta swimsuit she’ll be sporting, come JUNE 23rd!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Sally, and we’ll be right there with you along the way.  You may have to stretch your ears a little, so you can hear us cheering you on from afar!


ABOUT SALLY:  I’m a 48-year-old wife and mother of 2 young adult children, happily married to the love of my life for 23 years.  I have a malteepoo dog who loves me like mad and is my constant shadow.  I am the Payroll Manager for a Union Electrical Contractor in the Chicagoland area, and I love working out and reading all I can get my hands on to learn more.  I do not like cardio.

WHAT MOTIVATED HER TO CHANGE:  I was skinny my whole life before kids, but never strong. I want to enjoy being active with my husband in this second phase of our life together.  We like to travel and hike, and I want to be strong and confident. I want to inspire others and help them to reach their goals too.

sally's before and afterHOW SHE’S DOING IT:  I am 5’8″ and weigh about 175 lbs.  I just finished 12 weeks of Body for Life (BFL) and lost 8 lbs and several inches.  I want to lose another 20-30 lbs and I know diet is the key. Even more so after reading this blog!  Cassye’s Jif is my coffee with cream and sugar.  I know if I won’t give it up I won’t be successful in my goals. I joined a gym and am starting another 12 weeks of BFL April 1, 2013.


  • I gave up coffee with cream and sugar for 4 weeks and that’s when I lost the most.
  • I planned out 4 weeks of menus and that was so freeing. I spent Sundays planning my grocery list for the week and didn’t over buy at the store since I knew EXACTLY what I needed.  I just kept using these 4 menus over and over for the 12 week BFL.


  • I gained some back after picking coffee up again. It’s not just the calories, it also kills my appetite so my 6 meals become 1 or 2.
  • My knees and feet were having aches and pains so I had to try to find exercises that didn’t aggravate the problems.  I finally joined a gym so I had more lower body options and an eliptical instead of my treadmill.
  • Self sabotage. I start doing well and then I begin eating more cheat meals or more snacks. Why do I do that???

I know now that without my keeping the diet clean I don’t stand a chance of ever knowing who I could be. And that’s what I really want. I want to feel like I really reached for my full potential.  I made that heart decision to go all the way.


  • I FaceBook “Liked” all the exercise and bodybuilding sites I could find.
  • I watch Biggest Loser and watch Old Finale episodes when on the Treadmill!
  • I get clothing magazines (Athleta my fave, Title Nine, Boston Proper etc.) to find inspiration so I can “visualize” how I might look.
  • I read exercise books (reading Transformation by Bill Phillips right now), blogs, sites,, bodyforlife etc.
  • The first few weeks I looked at my dreams and goals every day, but stopped doing that and I need to get back to that.
  • This blog in particular has been very motivating to me to make the decision to go all the way with my diet.  I kinda knew it, but just needed to hear someone say it straight out I guess! 


  • “Why choose to fail whan success is an option?” – Jillian Michaels
  • “If you do not change direction then you may end up where you are headed.” – Chinese Proverb

Pretty inspiring stuff!  Please take a moment and offer your encouragement and support to this strong woman seeking change.  How about you? We’d love to hear your story!

13 thoughts on “Sally’s Going All The Way (48)

  1. Hips Don’t Lie! Haha, I mean it. When you gain weight but lose 1/2 inch in the hips, thats the truth that makes you want to dance! My body is being reshaped! Last week I felt discouraged when I weighed in and had gained a little over a half pound. I was surprised because I looked and felt like I had lost weight. So I got out the tape measure. I was so excited to see that I had lost a half inch just about everywhere except my calves. So if your scale gets you down – go measure because your hips don’t lie! This past week was CAH-RAZEY so I didn’t even weigh in. I barely made it to the gym and my diet was okay but not great. I had one child going to NYC for 10 days and 1 coming home from college and a party planned for tonight so lots of shopping and driving and painting and trying to get some of this unending remodeling done on this old house we bought. I was SUPER sore this week from painting all the trim in our hallway (5 doorways off the hall!) and so my lower body is definitely not working all the muscles it could be! Wow was I sore from up and down a ladder and sitting/kneeling/squatting on the floor painting! Anyway, summer coming up fast and I am so looking forward to summer food! Its easier to eat well I think in the summer. So, will try to check in on Friday evenings. Would have last night except my sister and nephew stopped by to see my son home from college so we spent the evening laughing and enjoying each others company.

    • Yay! Thanks Sally for checking in. You’re doing a fantastic job despite your busy life right now, and that’s a tough one to overcome. Bravo! I’m also really pleased that you didn’t let the scale discourage you because it really just isn’t an indicator of your fitness level. Keep up the great work! I’ll be posting this on the Facebook page, so please stop by and check out the comments. Everyone is rooting for you!

  2. Way to go Sally. As a retiree I can tell you that the next 10 years of your life will be so fulfilling and full of surprises. You and your husband will have more fun than you ever imagined. The forties are so freeing and becoming self aware is a hallmark of this decade. As you approach your fifties, this new information takes you to a new level of life enjoyment. You are at a time when a woman is never more beautiful inside and out. I have been up and I have been down the ol’ scale but I can tell you that once you dedicate yourself to a new way of thinking it is ever so much easier keep the train rolling if you get off track from time to time. I too am a devotee of Biggest Loser and amazed at the transformations. You don’t have too far to go so….good for you and thank you for reminding me how great it feels to take that step. Think I will revisit my own headspace. Journeling really helps some.

    • Hey hey. Just checking in. My second week of BFL I did my first measuring. I have lost another 3.5 lbs and another 1/2 each from waist, hips, thighs and bust. Whoot whoot! Better decide on which Athleta Bathing Suit I’m gonna rock this summer! I really noticed a difference in how good my figure is shaping up this week. All my shirts are Mediums now without question! So over the last 14 weeks I have lost 12 lbs and hope to add 20 more to that total by end of June!!

      Thanks for all your kind words and especially for the encouragement from Ginger! That’s so exciting to hear because we had kids right away so I am looking forward to having fun with Mike! :) :)

      Cassye I have to tell you I have been lifting heavier than ever its amazing when you just try! And I increase like you talked about each week and it works! I also hit a personal goal. When I started BFL 14 weeks ago I was barely able to do 5 pushups from my knees. So encouraged by a successful BFLer about 2 months ago I made a goal to be able to do 5 REAL pushups with perfect form. I did that yesterday!! I was so excited! That 5th one was a bear but I used that “inner warrior” to get it done. So happy I am going to go have a drink. Of water – haha. :)

      • WOW SALLY, you are rockin’ it girl! I really appreciate your checking in and can feel your momentum. It’s amazing what you can do when you just tell yourself that you can. Push ups are such an excellent compound move, I’m glad you’ve been focusing on them. I am so excited for your progress and can’t wait to hear more. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK! I’m so inspired I’m posting your update to the FB page.

  3. Wow, I just inspired myself! :) I am sitting here eating 4 egg whites and one egg yolk with a little bit of turkey sausage sprinkled in. Took my new multi vitamin (got from GNC which is conveniently located next to my gym) and having a cup of Irish tea with FF creamer and 1 piece of plain multi-grain bread. Gonna get on the treadmill in a little while, shower and then off to church. Have a great water filled day friends!

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