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If you’re existing in the veritable vortex that is motherhood on this planet, it’s quite possible that you didn’t get the message. Not to worry! Misplacing your mojo happens to the best of us. My job as your personal trainer, either online or in person, is to reacquaint you with your former fabulosity by easing your transition to a healthier lifestyle with a mix of effective workouts, nutrition strategies, serious accountability and a generous dollop of mojo on the side. Why me? Because I was once in your shoes and I understand how it feels to finally make eye contact with that unhappy stranger who’s been loitering in your looking glass.

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Those abs you're looking for are made in the kitchen


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If you're tired of starting over, stop quitting


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B3 Back to Basics Bootcamp

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Mojo Morsels

Pay Now Play Later – Dem Bones
Did you know that women will have accrued all their bone mass by around age 30? That means osteoporosis prevention should start at the big three-o, before you start losing it. Additionally, the more bone you enter your third decade with, the less likely you'll be to experience a broken bone or get osteoporosis later in life. Clearly loading up your bone bank early is the way to go.
Sugar Rant
I stand by what I've communicated about sugar in the past for me personally, and as a trainer and health coach for many of the clients I've worked with. I don't take its influence lightly, and I definitely don't use it as a fear-mongering weapon to make money. I use it to speak truthfully about how it affects me, and how I've learned to deal with it. Moderation is what I ultimately preach and personally strive for. BUT when you have a bite or three of something, and that leads to a veritable LANDSLIDE of negative activity (like downing the entire TUB of donut bites), and this still happens to you even if you've been eating very little sugar for YEARS...then yeah, I feel like it's addictive.
A Girl Walks Into A Gym…
Ever have one of those sinking moments of buyer's remorse when you've bought something totally decent that really seemed great in the moment, but realize later that it's not entirely what you wanted after all? You feel too guilty to say anything about it because it ticked all the boxes during the pre-sales pitch: good price, good quality, etc. And if you lined up 100 people (my father's litmus test for just about anything) they'd all agree that you got what you paid for.Before you become another girl who walks into a gym, take a look at your options online and don't underestimate the power of authentic connection, regardless of the distance. Speaking of connection, if you're in the market for a personal trainer I am here for you in a brand new way...Right here! In your POCKET! In your PURSE! In your PHONE! I know that may seem a little weird - like, how does she fit in there?But that's the beauty, my friends. I am with you 24/7 through an amazing app that connects you to your customized workouts, nutrition plans and to ME for all kinds of guidance and accountability throughout your program, for a fraction of the cost of conventional personal training. I'm all about convenience, value and making life a little easier for you.
Costco Was Made For Clean Eating
About 1 year ago I was watching our local PBS channel and stumbled across a documentary on Costco. Having such a small family, I hadn't ventured far into the warehouse shopping experience. At least not with a basket. It wasn't until I learned about their philosophy on quality products and focus on employee valuation that I even gave this mega-monster a second thought.As you may have learned in my review about Orgain protein powder, Costco is new to Fort Collins. With Sam's as the reigning incumbent for a population below 200,00 I wasn't sure our little town could support it. And with our tiny little family, I wasn't sure we would ever shop there.Well. I'm wrong a lot. So this is just another public example. It seems our town CAN support it based on the way we eat. In fact, pretty much all of Wyoming supports it as well. And the tiny family, you ask? Well, given that we all eat at least 5 times per day, and the small person is becoming less small every day (2 shoe sizes in 3 months), we ended up being big supporters as well.
6 Easy Meals With The Tuna Toss
The Tuna Toss is an iconic clean eating recipe I took from an old article in Oxygen magazine. I can't find the original recipe now or remember what it was called, but I wanted to pass along this wonderfully quick lunch or anytime meal that you can build on with this amazing protein source and just about anything else in your kitchen. No cooking required!

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If you are tired of starting over, stop quitting.

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